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A weekend full of slices of joy

Please can I have just one more day of weekend? (Seriously, though.)

It has been a weekend filled with so many slices of joy, starting with lunch in this beautiful spot – and a glimpse of spring flowers!


  • Bubbly and sushi to celebrate 2 years since my husband got hit by a car (can I get a whoop whoop for the fact that it’s not two years ago?)
  • A solid chunk of gardening time, in which I revitalized my magic garden (the one that lifted me out of my darkest days of grief).
  • Meeting our cousin’s two-week-old baby (be still my beating heart, I love newborns!)
  • Tea and scones and special time with my daughter and a dear friend.
  • Even a sneaky hammock nap!

What a plate of slices of joy.

And yet, and yet, there are so many other things I’d like to do to prep for the week ahead – but we’re out of time! And that bums me out…

My solution? Pre-planning little moments of magic in the week ahead. I know when I’ve spoken about slices of joy before it’s been about looking back and noticing them, or grasping hold of them as they float past. But what if we plan them ahead of time, and insert them into our daily busy-ness? I’m going to give it a go… I’ll keep you posted!

For now, here’s to a peaceful last slice of the weekend

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