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Pre-emptive slices of joy

I’m happy to report that pre-emptively planning slices of joy is going splendidly so far.

I finished work half an hour early so that I could buy myself flowers (a guaranteed few seconds of joy every time I look at fresh flowers – the return on investment is significant!) I got a slip from the post office in my postbox today and thought it was a boring registered letter but actually! It was a book! Sent to me by the delightful Book Club Review Podcast ladies 3 months ago on a whim… Bless the South African postal service that a whim can take a quarter of a year to come to fruition!

The book is called Leonard and Hungry Paul by Ronan Hession and I can’t wait to dive in. Flowers and a book and an impending gin and soda… What more can you ask for from a Monday?

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